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Logical framework (Verification Methods)

Written by Adel Salah

Means of verification are the documents we collect over the implementation period up to the last day to prove that all activities were completed, objectives and outputs were achieved and the project outcome has been reached.

The most important activity that is done by the project’s monitoring and evaluation officer is to make a plan to collect the means of verification and their annexes, i.e. the proposal writer should write the names of the documents, which will be sent to the donor or the evaluation companies at the end of the project, in front of each indicator and make sure those documents are easy to prepare.

 Examples of means of verification for indicators starting with (#) and others starting with (%)


The details of the attachment documents should not be written in the MOV (Means Of Verification) as they will become mandatory and may not be available at the end of the project. Therefore, we must keep the MOV only the main documents.

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