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Logical framework (Outputs)

Written by Adel Salah


Outputs are the products or services that we get directly after the implementation of activities and before any change happens to the beneficiaries. Also, outputs are the impact that mainly happens to the targeted groups/ groups responsible for the problems and not the beneficiaries of the project.

Example 1

  • Activity: Train 24 M/F nurses on integrated child health care.

  • Output: 24 M/F nurses were trained to provide integrated child health care.

Example 2

  • Activity: Hiring 3 doctors, 3 pharmacists, 3 midwives to work in mobile medical teams.

  • Activity: Rent 3 cars, one for every mobile medical team.

  • Activity: Buying medicines and required medical supplies to provide emergency medical services by mobile medical teams.

  • Activity: Coordinating with the local authority and health offices in the targeted districts to identify the locations to provide services

  • Output: 3 mobile medical teams provide emergency medical services and maternal and child health services in 3 targeted districts.

The components of the projects can be determined by knowing the outputs and their activities. I.e. the project that has 3 outputs will have 3 different components.

Example for outcomes and activities


  • Every activity can lead to an output after its completion (example 1).

  • A group of activities can lead to one output (example 2).

  • Each output of group of outputs has to lead to a short term effect, which is the outcome.

  • Every outcome of group of outcomes has to lead to long term effect, which is the impact.

  • Outputs are the changes that happen to the groups responsible for the problem after implementing the project’s activities.

  • It is preferable to have 3 outputs in the projects with the budget being less than a million dollars.

  • The components of the project can be known quickly by knowing the outputs.

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