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Logical framework (Activities)

Written by Adel Salah


Activities are the tasks we do, the interventions or events we conduct, the service we provide or the products we distribute to beneficiaries. Activities are designed and implemented in order to achieve the project objectives. We cannot ask for any funding if we are doing any activities for a particular beneficiaries that the donor is hoping to support.

There will be no objective for any project without having activities contributing to its achievement. 

The number of the activities that could be implemented to achieve a project objective differs according to how much detailed we are or asked to be when we develop the project proposal.

Activities that are designed to achieve every objective must be clear so the donor will be able to know which activities are related to each of the objective of the project.

Criteria required in writing the activity:

1- The activity starts always by a present simple tense: Conduct - implement - Train - Rehabilitate - Establish – Provide – Develop - Recruit.

2- The activity is better to be SMART similar to the objective, so the activity should be specific, measurable, applicable, realistic, and time-bound.

Examples of the Activities used in funded projects:

  • Train 20 nurses (males/female) on infection prevention for 3 days.
  • Conduct 150 direct awareness sessions in 10 primary schools of Beta Land sub-district on hand washing. 
  • Conduct 6 meetings with the project stakeholders in Gamma Land city to clarify beneficiaries’ selection mechanism.
  • Implement 3 inception workshops to introduce the project to local authority, active NGOs and representatives of the private sector and other stakeholders in Alpha Land.
  • Provide emergency medical services, maternal and child services through 3 mobile medical teams in the targeted districts.
  • Rehabilitate 8 health facilities of Alpha land district including the water and sanitation facilities.
  • Print 10 thousand awareness brochures containing health messages on hand washing at critical times.
  • Chlorinate 200 water resources in the three targeted districts.
  • Build 65 rainwater harvesting schemes in the targeted villages. 
  • Establish 10 community committees elected by the targeted community members and make sure that these committees are including of both men and women members.
  • Train 200 teachers (100 males – 100 female) on interactive teaching methodologies in the 10 targeted schools.

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