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Logical framework

Written by Adel Salah

Logical framework

The project’s logical framework or logframe is the theory of change on which the project is built. Its components are:

1- Impact

2- Outcome

3- Outputs

4- Risks and mitigation measures

5- Indicators

They are questions to measure the extent to which each level of the logical frame is achieved during project implementation.

5- Targeted number

It's the answers to the questions which appeared in the form of indicators and are usually written in numbers for quantitative indicators.

6- Verifications methods

Documents that we send the donor upon request for the quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports during project implementation and contain answers we obtained for the indicators.

7- Activities

They are tasks or events required to be accomplished to achieve the output they follow.

(Theory of change) Logical Framework

Implementing Problems tree into a logical framework

An example of a logframe in a project proposal

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