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Grant Proposal Cover

Written by Adel Salah

Every proposal starts with a cover page which expected to include 5 elements as follows:

1- The name of the project

Usually we choose the name of the project after finishing writing the proposal and before sending it to the donor. Due to the importance of the project’s name, you should take enough time to think and be convinced with the name as it gives the first impression to the donor and it might increase their focus on the project and prepare them to accept it. Therefore we advise the proposal writer to choose a nice name taking into consideration the following points:

  • Consistent: it should be consistent with the project

  • Mention the field: i.e. the field to which the project belongs like: Food – Health – Water…etc.

  • Mention the area: some donors prefer to mention the geographical area in the project’s name.

  • Brief: it is preferred not exceed 6-10 words; and it can be one sentence of one or two parts. The first part 2-4 words then (:) the second 4-6 words.

Examples of the implemented projects’ names by local and international organizations:

  • Yemen at a crossroads: enhance Good Governance in Yemen.

  • Emergency response project for education services in Taiz and Aden.

  • Empowerment project for local development.

  • Emergency medical services project.

  • Sanitation project: improving sanitation, water, hygiene in Alsood and Alsoodah, Amaran.

2- Date of project submission

  • The date of submitting the project to the donor

3- The submitting organization of the project

  • The name and logo of the organization which will submit the project proposal.

4- The name of the donor

  • The name and logo of the donor who will receive the project proposal to be funded, like (UNICEF)

5- Proposed period for project implementation

  • The period during which the organization proposes to implement the project. Like (1st January-31st December 2018)

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