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Strategic Objectives and KPIs

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Strategic Objectives

These are a set of objectives developed by the organization for each of its programs that are achieved through implementing projects funded by their donors.

These objectives are called strategic objectives because, when developed, they contribute to clarifying the purpose of the organization's work and determining what projects they will provide to donors based on their relevance to their targeted beneficiaries.

Note: These objectives may also be called program objectives as each program has its own strategic objectives.

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How to develop a Strategic Objective?

To write a strategic objective, first write the objective text (what the organization wants to achieve), and then write how the achievement of that objective (KPI) will be measured, and then what is the end target of that objective.

Components of the Strategic Objective

  • Text of the Strategic Objective.

  • Key Performance Indicator of the Strategic Objective.

  • Planned Target.

1. The text of the strategic objective

The text of what the organization wants to achieve in the program, how it will be achieved, whom will be benefited or where it will be executed. Look at the following formula for further clarification

Achieve an objective + through activity or set of activities + for specific beneficiaries or in specific areas

This is the text of what UNICEF wants to achieve in the program. For example, in the WASH program, UNICEF strategic objectives could be:

  • To improve the access to sustainable and safe water through the rehabilitation, maintenance and construction of water systems and water supply to the most affected and internally displaced communities.

  • Reduce prevalence of cholera / AWD by supporting community-led sanitation initiatives in most vulnerable communities

  • Improve the health practices of most people at risk by supporting cleaning and hygiene campaigns in target communities.

2. Key Performance Indicator of the Strategic Objective:

The indicator is a number or a percentage. There are two types based on how they start: starting with a number comes with a symbol (#), or starting with a percentage, which is denoted by the symbol (%).

"# of people benefited from the health services provided by the NGO"

This is an indicator starting with a number and read as follows: Number of people that benefited from the health services provided.

"% of beneficiaries satisfied by the services received"

 Percentage of beneficiaries satisfied by the services received.

Strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important as they help the organization to measure the achievement of the program each year and compare the achievement against the target in the annual achievement report of the organization. 

The following are examples of key performance indicators of previous strategic objectives in their order:

#of people that benefited from rehabilitated water projects.

#of individuals who benefited from improved access to safe sanitation.

3. Target planned for the Strategic Objective.

In order for the organization to achieve its strategic objectives, it must implement projects that contribute to the achievement of these targets. 

The Organization should decide the target for each strategic objective and related KPI with its potential funding and future projects, then put the total target number for each KPI. 

Three complete examples of strategic objectives and KPIs

First Strategic objective

Text: Improve healthy practices of most at-risk people by supporting cleaning campaigns and hygiene awareness in targeted communities.

KPI: # of individuals (disaggregated by age and sex) with improved hygiene conditions by the end of 2020.

Budget: $1,000,000

Second Strategic objective

Text: Decrease prevalence of AWD/Cholera outbreaks by supporting community-led sanitation initiatives in most at risk communal settings.

KPI: # of individuals (disaggregated by age and sex) with improved access to safe sanitation by the end of 2020.

Budget: $1,500,000

Third Strategic objective

Text: Improve access to sustainable, safe water through rehabilitation, maintenance, and construction of water schemes and provision of water for the most affected communities and IDPs.

KPI: # of individuals (disaggregated by age and sex) that benefit from rehabilitated and constructed water schemes.

Budget: $1,250,000

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