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Project Management 12 days ago

What is the grant management system?

The grant management system" is a software application designed to help organizations manage the entire process of grant management, from application and approval to repo ...

NGO Capacity Building 2 years ago

What are NGO Programs?

Programs NGO programs are the sectors that the NGO works within and execute projects related to these sectors.There are many programs the NGO can work on when planni ...

Proposal Writing 2 years ago

How NGO Can Write Concept Notes

When applying for a grant, most of the donors prefer the applicant to submit a comprehensive concept note. The note provides a clear description of the proposed project b ...

Project Management 4 years ago

Project Management in 20 Steps

What you need to do to be a professional project managerTo be a professional manager for development and humanitarian projects, the organization expects you to be able to ...

Proposal Writing 4 years ago

How NGOs Can Respond to Covid 19

Covid19 pandemic, which may last from one to one and a half years, NGOs will also be affected and need to adapt to the work they have to do in a very different approach ...

NGO Capacity Building 5 years ago

Organizations Capacity Assessment

It is customary among organizations’ staff that every organization has a different level of efficiency in planning, fundraising, and implementation quality. So, every org ...

NGO Capacity Building 5 years ago

Mobilization of Funds for NGOs

The growth of non-governmental organizations is directly proportional to the capacity of their main staff to mobilize funding. This means that organizations will not beco ...

NGO Capacity Building 5 years ago

The importance of NGOs in our life

The emergence of civil society organizations as the main engines of development after the 2nd World War and the establishment of the United Nations with its various bodie ...

Monitoring and Evaluation 5 years ago

Why Portal365?

It is well known that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are struggling every day to get to the donors and maintain a steady quality of work to ensure improved growt ...

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