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Project Management in 20 Steps

What you need to do to be a professional project manager

To be a professional manager for development and humanitarian projects, the organization expects you to be able to complete all tasks related to planning, implementation, follow-up, following of all procedures and documentation from the beginning of the project to its closure and to be able to meet all requirements in accordance with the recognized standards, as well as the commitments signed in the donors’ agreement. The Project Manager will, therefore, need to do the following:

Project Planning

  1. Review the project proposal and the donor's agreement.
  2. Prepare the activities’ implementation plan.
  3. Prepare the monitoring and evaluation plan.
  4. Prepare the recruitment plan.
  5. Prepare the procurement plan.
  6. Prepare the spending plan.
  7. Prepare the risk management plan.
  8. Prepare the project reprogramming plan. 

Project Implementation

  9. Recruit the project staff.
  10. Organize the tasks of the project team.
  11. Supervise and support the team to achieve their tasks.
  12. Coordinate with project partners and stakeholders.

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

  13. Monitoring
  14. Evaluation
  15. Accountability
  16. Learning
  17. Reporting

Project closure and external audit

  18. Closing project activities
  19. External technical review
  20. External audit

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