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Safeguarding in proposal writing is a critical aspect of project development, particularly in initiatives that involve working with vulnerable populations or addressing s

Budget Donors use different forms of budget preparation, although they are similar in the key components, but we have to use the same donor’s form when preparing the pr

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can benefit from a grant management system in several ways:Streamlining the grant application process: A grant management system can

The grant management system" is a software application designed to help organizations manage the entire process of grant management, from application and approval to repo

What are NGO Programs?

| NGO Capacity Building 13-01-2022

Programs NGO programs are the sectors that the NGO works within and execute projects related to these sectors.There are many programs the NGO can work on when planni

How NGO Can Write Concept Notes

| Proposal Writing 22-08-2021

When applying for a grant, most of the donors prefer the applicant to submit a comprehensive concept note. The note provides a clear description of the proposed project b

Project Management in 20 Steps

| Project Management 22-05-2020

What you need to do to be a professional project managerTo be a professional manager for development and humanitarian projects, the organization expects you to be able to

Of the most difficult sectors to develop donor proposal for is the nutrition. After developing so many successful nutrition proposals that were accepted by donors and i

How NGOs Can Respond to Covid 19

| Proposal Writing 15-04-2020

Covid19 pandemic, which may last from one to one and a half years, NGOs will also be affected and need to adapt to the work they have to do in a very different approach

The Mistake Budget of Most First-Time NGO Founders

| NGO Capacity Building 11-03-2020

The Mistake BudgetFor more than 7 years, I have received a lot of invitations to visit so many nonprofit organizations (NGOs), institutions, and associations and to meet

By: Adel Salah, CEO | Portal365 There are many things that are considered very important in the life of each NGO such as the purpose-driven leadership, the fundrais

After writing the proposal The most beautiful thing that characterizes the life of proposal writers is that they expect news every morning; this news can be  

Project sustainability: Project sustainability has to be clear in the proposal even if the proposal does not contain a specific section on sustainability. Because

Why You Need To Include Gender In Your NGO's Proposal.

| Project Management | Proposal Writing 20-06-2019

What is gender mainstreaming?Gender is the social role that society imposes on men, women, young men, young women, boys and girls; these roles differ by time and place.

Importance of Monitoring, Accountability and Learning in Achieving Objectives?

| Project Management | Proposal Writing 20-06-2019

All donors are interested in how competent the organization that submit the proposal is and the quality of its work. So there must be a part of the proposal that is w

The targeted groups and final beneficiaries :It is important to clarify that identifying the direct beneficiaries of the project will only be possible after preparing t

Activities :Activities are the tasks we do, the service we provide or products we distribute to beneficiaries.There is no specific objective for any project without act

What is Logical Framework in Proposal Writing

| Proposal Writing 13-04-2019

The project’s logical frame is the theory of change on which the project is built. Its components are: 1-Impact2- Outcome3- Outputs:       1.3- assum

What are the objectives in grant proposals?

| Proposal Writing 27-03-2019

An objective is a smart and brief sentence that gives the reader an almost complete idea of the reason behind planning the project, the beneficiaries, the targeted groups

Analyzing the Problem Using Problems Tree

| Proposal Writing 22-12-2018

Through numerous practical experiences in writing project proposals, we recommend using the problem tree because it helps in analyzing problems in a logical and simplifie

Needs assessment is considered the first and most important step in project proposal writing and in preparing the donor to understand the problem. So this part must be wr

Let's say you know how to mobilize fund for your NGO and are ready to intrigue the donor with your great proposal; however, you stumbled on your proposal cove

The organization should not spend much time on writing the situation analysis because, usually the content of the situation analysis is collected from reports issued by g

The executive summary of the project is usually written afte the proposal is finalized, not initially, because it contains a summary of all sections of the proposal. Ther

The Reason Why You Need a Grant Writing Team

| NGO Capacity Building | Proposal Writing 22-09-2018

Over the past 11 years, I've written and read hundreds of project proposals submitted to donors. Although I used to finish a full proposal with its budget in just two day

Organizations Capacity Assessment

| NGO Capacity Building 12-09-2018

It is customary among organizations’ staff that every organization has a different level of efficiency in planning, fundraising, and implementation quality. So, every org

Mobilization of Funds for NGOs

| NGO Capacity Building | Proposal Writing 09-09-2018

The growth of non-governmental organizations is directly proportional to the capacity of their main staff to mobilize funding. This means that organizations will not beco

The importance of NGOs in our life

| NGO Capacity Building 19-08-2018

The emergence of civil society organizations as the main engines of development after the 2nd World War and the establishment of the United Nations with its various bodie

Why Portal365?

| Monitoring and Evaluation | Project Management | NGO Capacity Building | Proposal Writing 18-08-2018

It is well known that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are struggling every day to get to the donors and maintain a steady quality of work to ensure improved growt

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