The Mistake Budget of Most First-Time NGO Founders

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4 years ago

The Mistake Budget
For more than 7 years, I have received a lot of invitations to visit so many nonprofit organizations (NGOs), institutions, and associations and to meet with their leaders. In most times I have found that they were going through in the Mistake Budget stage, which means that the budget spent by the organization or agency at the beginning to impress visitors and potential supporters. Their leaders believed that if the visitor finds a large headquarters and beautiful furniture and high operating cost, it reflects that the entity is large and it is eligible to receive funding.

And for someone who has been working for a long time to understand how organizations work and how to access funds, I was angry with them because they have to cover a lot of operating expenses for large amounts of furniture and other unimportant expenditures at a stage they need to every penny to recruit a qualified cadre that understands how to plan and mobilize funds, support, and implementation.

We all fall into the Mistake Budget when we try to work in an area we don't understand and we don't have enough experience to set priorities and act accordingly.

We must understand when establishing an organization that the most important is to attract the competent staff that have the fundraising experience before and have the required skills as well.

Any organization that does not have people with strong English language and is trained to write proposals, will suffer for a long time and will be closed or exploited by external qualified people who are involved in many unfair negotiations.

Any organization that accepts a payment in percentage (%) for the person who writes the project proposal must know that it has entered into a negotiation that breaches its obligations with donors and places it in great accountability issues.

Therefore, my advise young men and women who aspire to establish successful organizations is to start learning to write proposals .. When they can win proposals with existing organizations, then they can think of the establishment of new organizations.

If someone asks that he/she can't persuade organizations to work with them in writing proposals, the answer means that this person needs to be trained to write proposals and develop proposals first and then submit them to the organizations that may be interested in the proposals. Then they could agree that if the proposal wins funding, he/she becomes the project manager and can ask them to sign something so.

In conclusion: Before the establishment of a new organization, learn to write proposals.

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