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What is Portal365?

Portal365 is an online system that facilitates grant writing and project management for NGOs.

What are Portal365 features?
  • Built mainly for NGOs Portl365 was built after more than a decade of experience in the NGO sector, therefore, it was for the NGOs in the first place responding to its core needs.

  • Team collaboration With Portl365 you can add your team and collaborate on tasks through the system, these tasks can be grant writing, uploading field reports that are related to an ongoing project or other tasks that need any form of team collaboration.

  • Ease of reach Portal365 is a web-based system that means you can access it through any device that's connected to the internet such as your computer, tablet, cellphone, or any other devices that contain web browser.

  • Cloud storage Portal365 allows you to store your files, reports, grant proposals or any files of your NGO in one place that can be accessed by you or any member of your team from anywhere with the protection for these file from any unauthorized access by any third party.

How can NGOs benefit from Portal365?

NGOs can benefit from Portal365 through the annual subscription to one of the subscription packages in which the NGO gets a dedicated account that allows it to start grant writing and managing its projects through the system.

How to create an account in Portal365?

You can Start Free Trial which allows you to use Portal365 for 30 days for free, after that you can choose a paid subscription to continue.

What are the subscriptions fees to use Portal365?

There are 4 subscriptions packages to use Portal365. You can find more details by clicking the Pricing tab in the header.

Donors and Grants

Where can I find grants that I can apply for?

You can find the grants which you can apply for in the grants' webpage which you can visit by clicking here.

Do you fund any kind of projects?

No, Portal365 is not a donor and we don't fund any projects.

What advice can we implement when applying to donors?

You can follow our blogs' webpage to be up to date with the latest advice and information about this topic. You can visit it by clicking here.

Grant Writing

Do you prepare or offer help in preparing grant proposals?

No, Portal365 is a system that facilitates grant writing, and we don't prepare nor write grants as a service

Does your system offer donors forms/templates of grant writing?

No, currently Portal365 doesn't offer donors' forms/templates. What Portal365 offers is a system that facilitates grant writing and helps you write the main pillars of a complete proposal that needed by any donor in any proposal, after that, you can adjust the proposal with the format that specified by each donor.


What are the training courses you offer?

Portal365 offers two types of training courses:

  • Online training courses.

  • Face-to-face training courses.

What are the materials that you teach in the training courses?

We teach NGO related topics that help our audience to better use Portal365 system, these topics include:

  • Capacity building

  • Grant writing.

  • Project Management.

How can I get Portal365 online training courses?

You need to create an account in order to watch our courses, once you do that then you can log in and find them in the training courses' webpage.

When will you hold a face-to-face training?

You can follow our Event webpage to find out when and where the next training will be held. You can visit it by clicking here. Also you can find out about that by following our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


How can we collaborate together in training or reaching out to NGOs?

You can email us about this through our email:

What are the partnership requirements with Portal365?

We look forward to having experienced partners in NGO sector especially in capacity building for NGOs or individuals; hence we keen to develop and build NGOs capacities and enhance their performance either through the training we hold or through using Portal365 to practice what they are learning.

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