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$10,000 to $100,000

Closing Date :


Women’s Leadership Development Program – Zimbabwe


The Public Diplomacy (PD) section of the U.S. Embassy Zimbabwe under the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for programs that strengthen women’s leadership skills and potential while also building connections with U.S. women in leadership positions.

The program should expand opportunities to develop capacity in leadership styles, teambuilding, presentations, and conflict management, among others. 

Program Objectives
  • All proposals must meet the following objectives:

    • Facilitate leadership development for Zimbabwe’s women.

    • Address some of the major barriers to women’s leadership in Zimbabwe.

    • Strengthen collaboration and build networks between Zimbabwe and U.S. leaders and organizations.  Partnerships should facilitate mutually beneficial relationships, attract diverse audiences in an equitable manner, and build professional networks and an engaged citizenry in Zimbabwe.

  • They are looking for creative proposals that build real relationships, offer opportunities for hands-on leadership skills development, and offer mentorship. 

Funding Information
  • Total Amount Available: US $ 40,000

  • Minimum for Each Award: US $10,000

  • Maximum for Each Award: US $24,000

  • Length of performance period: 12-18 months from date of award.

Theory of Change
  • If Zimbabwean women at all ages have opportunities to develop and use leadership skills they will be able to participate more fully and lead in community development, the private sector, government, education, and online fora. If Zimbabwean women can connect with their peers in the United States, then they will be able to strengthen their knowledge and networks and leverage on this comparative advantage and exposure to best practices to deliver results in their focus areas. This program supports the U.S. Department of State’s Public Diplomacy support for enhanced community participation in development and democratic processes. 

Participants and Audiences
  • Proposals must engage with current and future women leaders. Programs can promote inclusivity by targeting women, youth, people living with disabilities, and rural communities. Successful projects will facilitate U.S. and Zimbabwean citizen participation and leadership skills. 

Eligibility :
  • Eligible Applicants: The following organizations are eligible to apply: Zimbabwean or U.S. media organizations, civil society, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

    • For-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.

  • Cost Sharing: Cost sharing is not required but encouraged

  • Registration: In order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).

  • Each application will be reviewed and rated based on evaluation criteria outlined below.

    • Quality and Feasibility of the Program Idea: The program idea is well developed and focused with detail about how program activities will be carried out.  It articulates why the project is important to advancing Zimbabwe.  The proposal includes a reasonable implementation timeline, an identified target audience and outcome measures.

    • Goals and Objectives: Goals and objectives are clearly stated.  Project approach is clearly matched to goals and likely to provide maximum impact in achieving the proposed results.

    • Budget: The budget justification is detailed, with a narrative description that matches the budget numbers.

    • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: The monitoring plan articulates realistic key indicators, outputs, outcomes, and milestones to indicate progress toward goals.

    • Sustainability: The proposal addresses follow-on activities that will sustain and continue the positive impact of the project after its completion.

Post Date: December 01, 2023

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