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UNHCR Call for Proposals in Jordan


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan conducts continuous assessments on its Persons of Concern (PoC) in order to inform programmatic and strategic direction. Additionally, results of assessments are used to determine eligibility for cash assistance. Cash-Based Interventions (CBI) are intended to provide refugees greater dignity of choice in how to meet their needs.

The purpose for conducting home visits for PoCs living Jordan is to collect data (enumeration) for the determination of vulnerability.

This component includes two aspects: data collection as well as Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

  • Data Collection: Visits are limited to refugees of all nationalities registered with UNHCR in Jordan. Home visits should be conducted across all 12 governorates, including remote areas and Camps. selected vendor is expected to provide a team for continuous home visits for vulnerability assessment purposes at national level. The team should be constructed of both gender, female, and male enumerators. It is expected for any FemaleHeaded-Household to be visited exclusively by a female enumerator.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E): Since home visit assessments provide a core dataset for determination of poverty in UNHCR’s eligibility modelling; quality control on the enumeration process should be presented to ensure that data being collected and then used is up to the standards set by UNHCR. It is an important step to identify outliers and consistent errors, mitigate the risk 2 of any inclusion or exclusion errors, recognize bias in enumeration, and identify potential fraud.


  • Data collection: The minimum requirement of home visits is 3,500 visit per month, with certain exception months having a maximum of 12,00-0 visits per month. Out of total estimated monthly home visits, a maximum of 500 home visits/month may be high-priority visits and must be conducted within two working days of the notification. The average duration of the home visit is 60 minutes.
  • M&E: Deliverables are requested from the service provider on monthly basis. These include enumerator’s performance, form review and validation of location/GPS coordinates: Continuous enumerator trainings with key areas of improvement informed by the M&E as well as UNHCR feedback.


The service provider team will receive intensive training by UNHCR including:

  • Code of Conduct
  • UNHCR Protection Induction Training
  • Data confidentiality training.
  • Training on the data collection tools (survey questionnaire and enumeration systems as used by UNHCR)


  • UNHCR will require regular meetings with the prospective vendor’s team. On a monthly basis with the team of supervisors and every two months with the entire team of enumerators and supervisors combined. This may be complemented by additional meetings (every two months) at the local level where UNHCR has offices (Mafraq and Irbid). The meetings at a local level would be aimed only at the staff working in the respective Governorates, not the entire team of enumerators and supervisors. Any costs related to such training should be incorporated into the offer.
  • UNHCR may conduct spot checks and add additional quality control measures that the contract is expected to support and/or comply with.
  • Visibility: The provider shall be responsible on providing the visibility (vests, etc.) based on UNHCR’s guidelines and also COVID-19 requirements of gloves, masks and foot covering.

Post Date: 13-Jan-2022

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