Grants for Advancing Equity and Equality of Marginalized Groups Activity in Serbia

Grant Size $6,000,000   ,   Closing Date


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Serbia is seeking concept papers from qualified applicants for the Advancing Equity and Equality of Marginalized Groups Activity in Serbia.

This Annual Program Statement (APS) publicizes the intention of the United States Government (USG), as represented by USAID/Serbia, to obtain concept papers, full applications and issue awards for the Advancing Equity and Equality of Marginalized Groups Activity in Serbia. The purpose of this activity is to support various economic empowerment initiatives for marginalized communities so as to help advance Serbia’s inclusive and sustainable development.

USAID intends to fund a wide range of flexible, innovative, and experimental approaches to encourage locally led development through addenda under this APS. Each addendum to the APS will specify which group or groups will be the focus for the particular round of applications. In 2021, the focus of the APS Round 1 will be on providing assistance to programming, benefitting Persons with Disabilities (PWD).


USAID/Serbia seeks to build partnerships with Serbian people, Serbian institutions, and civil society organizations to help advance equity and prosperity for Serbia’s marginalized groups. The purpose of this roundunder the APS is to support initiatives aimed at promoting equity and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities in Serbia.


  • Advancing workforce development of select marginalized groups

  • Improving the Enabling Environment and Commitment to Inclusive Economic Development

  • Improving prospects for individual business development (entrepreneurship)

Funding Information

  • The expected total estimated amount for all cooperative agreements and/or grants to be awarded under this APS will be approximately $6,000,000 million USD.

  • For Round 1, USAID intends to award one (1) cooperative agreement with a total estimated amount of up to $2 million.

  • The period of performance anticipated for the cooperative agreement awarded under Round 1 of this APS is not expected to exceed 4 years in duration. For Round 1, the anticipated start date for the award(s) is on or about January 2022.


  • This activity is restricted to the following Serbian local entities: for-profit, and nonprofit non-governmental organizations, and institutions of higher education.

  • For the purposes of this section, local entity means an individual, a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or another body of persons that:

    • is legally organized under the laws of;

    • has as its principal place of business or operations in;

    • is majority owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of; and

    • managed by a governing body the majority of who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of a country receiving assistance from funds

Post Date: 09-Sep-2021

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