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4,300,000 (EUR)

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Call for Proposals to support Program of the World Alliance against Climate Change (Haiti)


The European Commission is launching a call for proposals to reduce Haiti's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

  • The specific objectives of this call for proposals are:

    • Reducing vulnerability and strengthening resilience to the effects of climate change of communities located in rural and urban coastal areas of the "Cascades de Pichon" watershed, municipality of BelleAnse, South-East department of Haiti , through the implementation of innovative actions in the agricultural, ecological and biodiversity resources, renewable energies and coastal zone management sectors.

  • This call for proposals has the following priority(ies):

    • The development of agricultural practices and techniques allowing increased resilience of local communities to the effects of CC, in particular on the communal sections of Bel-Air (5th) and Pichon (6th) of Belle-Anse, given the context of food insecurity and malnutrition as well as poor management of the country's coastal areas exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change.

    • The integrated management of natural resources in the targeted geographical areas and the promotion and realization of nature-based solutions with a view to economic income, reduction of climate risks, restoration/maintenance of ecosystem services, including:

      • The preservation and restoration of fragile or strategic ecosystems and the conservation of blue carbon,

      • The development of the blue economy and the creation of eco-businesses,

      • The establishment of gray infrastructure for the adaptation of coastal areas

      • The development and better penetration of renewable energies at the local level, given that this sector, prioritized by the Haitian government in its NDC, can contribute both to the resilience of local communities to climate change and to the reduction of gas emissions effect of tight.

Funding Information
  • The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is EUR 4,300,000.

  • The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to allocate all available funds

    • Lot 1: Agriculture sectors and coastal zone management

    • Sub-lot 1: concerns the municipal section (5th) of Bel-Air of the municipality of Belle-Anse: 1,600,000 EUR

    • Lot 2: Renewable Energy Sector

    • Sub-lot 2: concerns the municipal section (6th) of Pichon in the municipality of Belle-Anse: 1,600,000 EUR

  • Promotion and development of innovative systems and activities powered by renewable energy in targeted communities; and promotion of sustainable management of wood resources and dissemination of more efficient clean technologies: EUR 1,100,000

    • Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

      • minimum amount: EUR 500,000

      • maximum amount:

        • Lot 1 (sub-lot 1): 1,600,000 EUR

        • Lot 1 (sub-lot 2): 1,600,000 EUR

    • Batch 2: EUR 1,100,000

  • Duration: The initial planned duration of an action may not be less than 22 months nor exceed 24 months.

Eligibility :

Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must:

    • be a legal person and

    • have no profit motive and

    • belong to one of the following categories of organisations: non-governmental organisation, public sector operator, local authority, international (intergovernmental) organization as defined in Article 156 of the EU Financial Regulation and

    • be directly responsible for preparing and managing the action with the co-applicant(s) and the affiliated entity or entities, and not act as an intermediary and

    • have carried out during the last 5 years preceding the date of submission of the complete application at least one project/programme of a scale equivalent to the grant requested in the areas of local management of natural risks linked to climate change, integrated management of rural and urban environment, management of agricultural practices in terrestrial and aquatic environments, ecological and sustainable management of watersheds, coastal zones and their ecosystems, integration of renewable energies in community development projects, and in the organization and management of grassroots local communities.

  • Co-applicant(s)

    • Co-applicants take part in drawing up and implementing the action, and the costs they incur are eligible in the same way as those borne by the lead applicant.

    • Co-applicants must meet the same eligibility criteria as apply to the lead applicant itself.

    • Co-applicants must sign the mandate.

    • If the grant contract is awarded to them, any co-applicants become beneficiaries within the framework of the action (together with the coordinator).

  • Affiliated Entities

    • The lead applicant and its co-applicant(s) may act with one or more affiliated entities. Only the following entities can be considered affiliated to the lead applicant and/or co-applicant(s):

      • Only entities that have a structural link with the applicants (the lead applicant or a co-applicant), in particular a legal or capital link.

    • This structural link mainly encompasses two notions:

      • control, within the meaning of Directive 2013/34/EU on annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings:

        • Entities affiliated with an applicant can therefore be:

          • entities controlled directly or indirectly by the applicant (subsidiaries or first-tier subsidiaries) or controlled by an entity itself controlled by the applicant (sub-subsidiaries or secondtier subsidiaries). The is valid for the other levels of control;

          • entities directly or indirectly controlling the applicant (parent companies). Of the same way, they can be entities controlling an entity controlling the applicant;

          • entities with the same level of direct or indirect control as the applicant.

Post Date: 25-May-2023

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