Mobilization of Funds for NGOs

Mobilization of Funds for NGOs

The growth of non-governmental organizations is directly proportional to the capacity of their main staff to mobilize funding. This means that organizations will not become effective unless they establish a mechanism to mobilize funding, even though sources of funding may vary, as well as their sustainability.

Therefore, Non-governmental organizations must plan to mobilize funding from the first day of being established as a systemic approach, because the mobilization of funding for organizations is like the product produced by the plant, while the mobilization of resources is the most difficult step in the lives of founders and organization leaders anywhere, and at any time.

 There are numerous ways organizations adapt to mobilize funding; the simplest and easiest are donations from their founding members and persuading other groups of traders to support some of their activities.
This support is usually associated with religious events, such as fasting, clothing for the EID festival, and the distribution of sacrificial meat or seasonal activities such as supporting the distribution of school bags at the beginning of each school year and the distribution of winter clothes.

 Unfortunately, the support for these events is not sufficient, because it is conditional on the same events and covers temporary needs.
The nature of these activities doesn’t help organizations to continuously grow, because they aren’t real projects, but rather sporadic activities.

Although the charitable nature of these contributions does not bound them to specific agreements, budgets and conditions of expenditure, they are also convenient to implement. However, it doesn’t force these organizations to follow the procedures, standards, implementation plans, follow-up, evaluation and activation of the complaints mechanism nor to collect lessons learned, thereby reducing the learning opportunities of organizations that rely on this type of funding. Therefore, we find that they continue in the same routine pattern and non-competitive management style.

The variety of funding size according to the maturity level of the administrative capacity of the organizations

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