Reintegration of (Roma and Egyptian) Returnees (Albania)

Grant Size 3,000,000   ,   Closing Date


UNDP Albania has issued a call for proposals in the framework of the “Strengthen national and local systems to support the effective socio-economic integration of returnees in the Western Balkans”, an EU financed United Nations Development Programme action, to support projects in the field of “Socio-economic reintegration of (Roma and Egyptian) Returnees”, proposed by Civil Society Organizations based and/or operating in the municipalities of Devoll, Berat and Fier, in Albania.

Project Objectives
  • “Strengthen national and local systems to support the effective socio-economic integration of returnees in the Western Balkans” project aims to enhance the capabilities of the Western Balkan authorities to implement holistic solutions to economic and social empowerment of returnees. By tackling the root causes and negative drivers of migration of Roma and Egyptian and vulnerable populations, the project is contributing to implementation of the broader social inclusion agenda in the Western Balkans.

  • While, UNDP will primarily address local level challenges, the ultimate objective of the project is to translate the tested models into national regulation and public policies and programmes for sustainable reintegration of vulnerable returnees.  The project is part of the IPA II Multi-Country Action Programme entrusted to UNDP, the WB and the CoE, to support the fundamental rights of Roma and Egyptian community and other vulnerable returnees.

  • Lot 1: Social Care Case Management for returnees

    • In partnership with municipalities offer social care case management for minimum 50-100 returnees in line with law no.121/2016 (each applicant to target around 50-100 individuals).

  • Lot 2: Integrated Employment

    • Offer employment and social services, through an integrated case management model to minimum 10 (returnees) unemployed jobseekers (each applicant to target around 10 individuals).

  • Lot 3: Soft skills, Digital skills and Technical Vocational Trainings for (Roma and Egyptian) returnees in Fier, Berat and Devoll

    • Offer Soft skills, Digital skills and Technical Vocational Trainings to minimum 20 (Roma and Egyptian) returnees (each applicant to target at least 20 individuals).

Funding Information
  • The project should include a budget proposal from a minimum of 1,000,000 all to a maximum of 3,000,000 all.

  • The duration of a Project should be 6 months.

  • Output 1- Local returnee integration strategies are developed with selected municipalities foresees development of local reintegration strategies, aiming to improve the livelihoods and social wellbeing of returnees and the broader community, tackle local governance issues, capacity and institutional bottlenecks and gaps of service providers and business ecosystems, which hinder the effective implementation of reintegration policies.

  • Output 2 - Elements of local returnee integration strategies are implemented in selected municipalities, including innovative activities on livelihoods and skills building, etc. aims to demonstrate new approaches to economic empowerment and social cohesion, which will form the main pillars of local reintegration strategies.

  • Output 3- Significant number of urgent administrative issues faced by returnees are addressed will seek to identify and develop innovative approaches to public service provision, by developing and utilising a number of digitalized tools and laying the ground for introducing integrated case management.

  • Lot 1

    • Local NGOs are encouraged to provide their proposals based on the following approach:

      • NGOs play an essential role in the outreach and in the delivery of social care services to vulnerable returnees, thus NGOs will act as effective partners of public service providers and local businesses.

      • Based on the analysis of the vulnerabilities of returnees, the service gaps and administrative bottlenecks at local level, the NGOs’ activity aims to provide direct support to returnees in overcoming the immediate distress upon the return and in improving the access to required public services and social assistance.

  • Lot 2

    • Local NGOs are encouraged to provide their proposals based on the following approach:

      • The NGOs will be responsible to establish intense communication with the returnees, to be able to identify and harness the experience, knowledge and life-skills acquired by returnees during their stay abroad.

      • The main focus of the organizations that will work on the application of the integrated employment will be to empower the individual and create an enabling environment for him/her to joining the labour market, including by addressing social inclusion issues on one hand and by matching the skills and experiences of the individual with the needs of the labour market. It aims to improve the social, personal and professional competences of the individual.

  • Lot 3

    • Local NGOs are encouraged to provide their proposals based on the following approach:

      • Based on the available public and private training offer, including curricula for soft skills, basic digital skills, and technical vocational trainings, the NGO will offer specialized and individualized support to beneficiaries (Roma and Egyptian returnees) to successfully follow and complete Soft skills, Digital skills and Technical Vocational Trainings for (Roma and Egyptian) returnees in Fier, Berat and Devoll. The NGO can offer dedicated professionals (mentors or facilitators) who help them access and successfully participate in tailored training or programmes, coupled with subsidized (transportation, daily allowances etc.) which facilitate integration to the current trainings.

      • Under the project, returnees will be equipped with a set of soft, technical and digital skills to improve their employability in the formal labour market. Based on identified skills gaps and local demand, which is identified in the local assessments conducted by the project, a total number of 20 returnees in Fier, Berat and Devoll will be coached and supported to attend and successfully complete Soft skills, Digital skills and Technical Vocational Trainings.

Beneficiary Group
  • Target groups, i.e., beneficiaries under this Call for Proposal shall be persons that meet the following requirements:

    • Vulnerable Roma and Egyptian returnees (but not exclusively) to Albania, returned from emigration or asylum, which are in need for reintegration assistance.

    • Unemployed Returnees.

    • Variety of returnee’ age groups (children, youth and all working age segments).

    • Gender balance and inclusiveness should be considered as very important principles in the selection the targeted beneficiaries. 


  • The applicant shall be:

    • A non-profit organisation established in Albania.

    • An applicant that exercises its activity in the Municipality of Berat, Devoll, Fier.

  • The applicant shall possess:

    • A court decision certifying the registration of the organisation.

    • Tax ID Certificate.

    • A bank account in all in the name of the applicant. (Note: In case of a successful application, the applicant should open a separate bank account in all for all transactions under this CfP).

Post Date: October 11, 2023

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