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$10,000 to $100,000

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Call for Proposals: PROPEA program 2024 (Egypt)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic announces a call for providers for the PROPEA program for 2024 to support economic activities abroad.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic PROPEA (projects to support economic activities abroad) will enable Czech companies active in foreign markets to respond operatively to an extraordinary situation and to use the services provided by experienced local experts in selected territories with the support of the embassies of the Czech Republic. The program was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic on March 18, 2020 as part of the Emergency Package of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By the new PROPEA program, companies will be able to use the services of local experts who will help them ensure the continuity of business relations and the solution of logistical and other problems associated with the extraordinary measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic. During the period of restrictions on the movement of people, these entities can, among other things, help companies to ensure personal contact and supervision of their activities on site. The PROPEA program will be financed from the pooled funds designated from the interdepartmental joint instrument for the support of economic diplomacy.

PROPEA Program Aims
  • provide quality services to Czech companies on foreign markets

  • reduce for Czech companies the risks associated with entering challenging foreign markets

  • in the future to support Czech companies whose activities abroad are not limited to export, but rather have an investment character

  • strengthen the capacities of the Czech Republic to support a more permanent presence of companies in foreign markets

Funding Information
  • The maximum financial support for one PROPEA project implemented within one territory is 500,000 CZK for a calendar year.

Eligibility :

Program Services

The services provided within the framework of PROPEA projects are discounted for companies and represent a supplement to the individual services provided to companies by embassies and CzechTrade and CzechInvest agencies abroad. The PROPEA projects are thus a supplement to the catalog of services of the Client Center for Export and the unified foreign network of the Czech Republic, similar to the economic diplomacy project program of PROPED. 70% of the price of the service is subsidized from the PROPEA budget, while the remaining 30% is co-financing from companies. Through PROPEA projects, Czech companies can use, for example, assistance in ensuring the registration and certification of their products or in establishing a branch abroad. The complete price list of services that Czech companies can use as part of PROPEA projects includes the following items:

  • development of a business plan for market entry or investment

  • processing of legal, tax, financial and legislative analysis

  • launching products on the market (assistance in negotiations with financial institutions, support in setting up an account and securing financing, setting up a company, etc.)

  • securing licenses, certifications, product and trademark registrations

  • ensuring and verifying documentation for import/export and logistics

  • creation and coordination of supplier and partner networks

  • provision of promotional, marketing and PR services

  • support for starting production/starting operations in the case of companies from the field of services

  • using technical facilities

  • representing the company locally (on a commercial contractual basis between a Czech company and a foreign representative, without financial support from the PROPEA budget.)

Post Date: September 11, 2023

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