Call for Proposals: Export Accelerator Programme for MSMEs

Grant Size $1000 to $10,000   ,   Closing Date


The United Nations Development Programme is accepting proposals for the Export Accelerator Programme for MSMEs to enhance the capacities for cross-river trade and exports of companies from both banks of Nistru river.

It offers support to MSMEs from both riverbanks to help them prepare for and establish a presence in international markets where they currently have little or no sales.

The export accelerator initiative focuses on business development support activities, that will enable companies to start the export or increase their export opportunities, by ex: complying with sanitary, phytosanitary, technical, quality, environmental and social corporate responsibility standards of the export partners. Also, the initiative will focus on export marketing activities of existing products and services in foreign markets.

The target group of the current call is MSMEs registered on both banks of Nistru river.


Export accelerator programme is focusing on two phases support:

  • Export plan (1month)

    • In the first phase, the program offers to selected MSMEs an intensive capacity-building program that includes trainings and master classes on various topics such as export marketing, export planning and strategy, market rules and requirements, etc. Upon completing program, assisted by experts, companies will be able to develop own export action plans, addressing the key requirements to enhance or initiate their export activities. These export plans will serve as eligibility criteria for the next step.

  • Export promotion services (18 months)

    • In the second phase, based on developed export plans and identified specific measures to increase /or initiate the export, each company will identify relevant services such as coaching, mentoring, certification, B2B sessions, participation in exhibitions, promotion, etc tailored to their individual export needs for the next 18 months. The AdTrade Project will allocate the necessary funds to cover the services costs. Additionally, all companies will undergo an export readiness assessment and receive updated export plans and strategies, developed with the support and mentorship of AdTrade experts.

Funding Information
  • The value of the requested support will be up to 7,000 USD, which will represent a maximum of 80% of the total value of the project;

  • The assistance amount of 7,000 USD will not be disbursed in the form of monetary funds or cash but will be used to procure services oriented to boost export potential of companies.

  • Own contribution will represent 20% of the total value of the investment project, but not less than 1750 USD. Co-financing from applicants is accepted only as monetary contribution.

Project Time Frame
  • The implementation period will be up to 18 months, but no later than April 2025.

Ineligible Applicants
  • Third-party representatives (such as agents; promoters; consultants, trading houses and export brokers, distributors) are not eligible for funding.

  • fiduciary companies and insurance companies;

  • financial institutions;

  • microfinance organizations, savings, and loan associations;

  • foreign exchange companies and pawnshops;

  • gambling enterprises;

  • non-state pension funds;

  • enterprises where state control has repeatedly highlighted the same violations of the legislation.


  • Applicants that meet the minimum conditions presented below will be considered eligible:

    • Demonstrate an export potential;

    • Have at least 2 years of active experience on the market;

    • Is registered as a legal entity and operate on the right or left bank of Nistru River;

    • Have presented the financial reports to the state authority;

    • Have an average annual number of employees of up to 249;

    • Have an annual turnover (sales revenue) of up to 100 million MDL or total assets (fixed assets and current assets) of up to 100 million MDL, according to the last approved financial statement.

    • Have not benefited from state aid or grants from other donors of more than 2,000,000 MDL (110 000 USD) in the last 3 years.

Post Date: October 05, 2023

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