Dreams for a Better World’s

Location :  Australia

Grant Size :   Applicants have a chance to receive up to $15,000 and help fund a project or innovative solution that tackles a social issue in their local community.

Closing Date:   02-08-2019

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U.S. Embassy in Jordan

Location :  Jordan

Grant Size :   Minimum Award Amount: $5,000 Maximum Award Amount: $25,000

Closing Date:   04-04-2019

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U.S. Embassy in Burkina Faso Self-Help Program

Location :  Burkina Faso

Grant Size :   The maximum grant is $10,000 over 1 year.

Closing Date:   31-03-2019

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U.S. Department of State, Bureau of PRM

Location :  Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

Grant Size :   • Funding Levels:• Not less than $1 million and not more than $3 million per year (budget must include an estimated breakdown of cost per year) etc.

Closing Date:   25-03-2019

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AICS:Recovery, Stability and Socio-economic Development in Libya

Location :  Libya

Grant Size :   Lot 1: Municipalities: Janzur, Zuwara (Upgrading of hospital departments/town health centers and related facilities) Minimum amount: EUR 2,000,000 Maximum amount EUR 2,240,000....etc.

Closing Date:   22-03-2019

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Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Location :  Austria

Grant Size :   EUR 250,000 per individual project.

Closing Date:   20-03-2019

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The innocent foundation

Location :  Countries rated serious or alarming on the Global Hunger Index

Grant Size :   Up to £150k per year

Closing Date:   22-02-2019

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