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How to add programs resources in Portal365

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In a previous article we talked about Program Resources for the NGO programs and in this article we'll explain how to add them in Portal365.

To access the Programs page in a Portal365 account, click on Programs at the top of the page

You will see the programs that you added previously and it may look like this:

Choose the program you want to add data examples to. For example, let's choose the Education Custom Program.

Click on the program's name to open the program's page as follows:

Click on Resources to open its page. If this is the first time to enter this page in a custom program, there will be no added data and the page will appear as follows:

To add a resource, click on Add A Resource and add its data as follows:

After that, click Save to add the resource to the program as follows:

Repeat the above process to add more data. To delete or edit existing data, click on the three dots on the right side of the page as follows:

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