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Call For Projects: Microfinance Program Of The Global Environment Facility in Togo


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is inviting National organizations of civil society, eligible (confers TDR) and interested, to submit their application, for the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program (GEF/SGP).


Two main principles guide the PMF/GEF:

  • Global environmental problems can only be adequately solved if local communities are involved in finding and implementing their solutions, and

  • With small financing , these communities can undertake actions which, while contributing to the protection of the global environment, will participate in the improvement of their living conditions.

  • The main objectives of the program are:

    • Support and support innovative community initiatives, on a small scale, which by replication could reduce threats to the global environment, in accordance with multilateral agreements on the environment;

    • learn from experiences, at the community level, and share best practices with the community of NGOs/ Associations/CBOs, state services, research institutions and technical and financial partners;

    • Facilitate the creation of partnerships and networks of actors, to support and multiply good practices in favor of sustainable development.

    • PMF/GEF grants therefore make it possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of community initiatives and their contributions to mitigating environmental threats.

  • Priority will be given to relevant and innovative projects aimed at:

    • increase forest cover, through the creation of community and school plantations, the restoration of degraded landscapes, the sustainable management of land and ecosystems, by favoring initiatives related to protected areas, community forests and sacred sites;

    • identify, develop and disseminate techniques and technologies for the sustainable management of natural resources and the environment, promoting the empowerment and inclusion of women, young people and people living with disabilities;

    • Strengthen the technical capacities of CSOs to prevent, mitigate and respond to various risks, including natural disasters and climate change.

    • Particular attention will be given to innovative initiatives, with environmental, social and economic co-benefits, carried out by women's organisations, youth organizations and those of people living with disabilities.

Focus Areas
  • Project proposals submitted to the PMF/GEF must be initiatives whose results, adaptable and replicable, can contribute, in a significant and unprecedented way, to sustainable development, in particular in the following areas of the GEF:

    • Biological diversity;

    • Climate changes;

    • International waters;

    • Land degradation and desertification;

    • Chemicals and hazardous waste

Funding Information
  • The maximum contribution to a project is USD 50,000, up to 75% of its total cost.

  • The PMF/GEF encourages projects favoring co-financing and the sharing of financial risks. In addition, the beneficiaries' contribution must be detailed and justified in the project proposal.

  • Duration: The project application file must present a provisional timetable for completion not exceeding 36 months (3 years). This duration may vary from one call to another, but not more than 3 years.

Eligibility :
  • Purpose of the project: In line with the mission of the PMF/FEM, the national strategy and, where applicable, in the priorities cited in the call for projects.

  • Partnership: The beneficiaries of PMF/FEM subsidies must be established on national territory and are legal persons (NGOs, non-profit development associations, groups, in particular those at the initiative of youth and/or women, village committee development, cantonal development committee, etc.).

  • These main beneficiaries, whose involvement is effective and measurable in carrying out the project, can be associated with other organisations/institutions. However, the latter cannot benefit from the grant requested from the PMF/FEM. The National Coordination and the CNP can require the partnership with specific structures, for the implementation of a project financed by the program. Similarly, the National Coordination and the CNP can request the services of other structures or resource persons to coach, monitor and/or evaluate an organization supported and accompanied by the programme.

Response to the priorities of the call for projects

  • Priority given to young people (individuals under the age of 35) and women

    • Contribution of women, young people and people living with disabilities in the realization of the project (in its design, its implementation and its expected impacts/results, has the project requested or is it based on the contributions of women and/or young people?);

    • Consideration of the special needs of women, young people and people living with disabilities in the project (in its design, implementation and expected impacts/results, does the project ensure that the specific needs of this (these) audience(s) are taken into account?

Project respecting the thematic and geographical framework

  • Contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, sustainable land management, protection of international waters and management of chemicals and waste;

  • Project located in priority landscapes.

  • Contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, sustainable land management, protection of international waters and management of chemicals and waste;

Post Date: 10-Nov-2022

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